Yogyakarta – Indonesia, also known as Jogja, is a special city, rich in culture, art, and extraordinary natural wealth. Rich with traditional, and the city food such as gudeg, geplak, bakpia, java sugar, herbal medicine. The City of Jogja grew under the reign of the Sultan.

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Borobudur Sunrise

borobudur sunrise
Photo by Cmichel67 [CC BY-SA 4.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons
A blend of natural beauty and borobudur culture, natural wealth Indonesia, fantastic! Borobudur Temple designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1991, the meaning of the name Borobudur itself is still a debate of the historians If drawn a straight line then the Borobudur temple, Pawon temple and Mendut temple is located parallel, the three temples are also patterned Mahayana Buddhist.

Prambanan is the second famous temple after Borobudur, who kept the romance in the Royal Pengging era that Roro Jonggrang has been cursed to be a statue for refusing love Joko Bandung.In Prambanan there is a Ramayana dance, which is famous for true love story of Rama and Shinta.

Kalasan Temple sunset Ratu Boko temple is the most beautiful sunset in Jogja integrated with cultural nuance.

Jogja Art & Culture

tugu jogja - Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas
Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas

Malioboro & Sultan Palace – uniqueness of Jogja, Tugu Jogja, Malioboro, Palace, Alun-alun is a straight line. The famous traditional market is Beringharjo which is located on Malioboro street. Classical buildings of the Dutch era still stood firmly making a distinctive atmosphere.

Batik Painting – painting batik is a diversity of cultures that become a characteristic of hereditary cultures. Natural and traditional. We provide a place to see directly the process of making batik by using canting (tool traditional).

Mountain & Highlands

Sikunir, Dieng
Sunrise at Sikunir, Dieng

Telaga Warna lies in the plateau with the uniqueness of the changing water color, decorated with fog in the afternoon.

Bukit Sikunir Dieng is a green and fresh place in Dieng plateau. The scenery is beautiful and the air is cool.

Kalibiru is a suitable location for outbound, scenic green hillside scenery with fresh pine shades.

Goa Pindul Jogja is a very unique cave, where in this cave there is a river that passes along the cave. There are three zones that must be passed when passing in Goa Pindul, the bright zone, dark zone, and dim zone. Amazing!

Warm Tropical Beaches

Sadranan Beach
Sadranan Beach

Parangtritis is a beach that is rich with the myth of the unseen world that is dominated by the Queen of the South Coast and used as a place of ritual for certain things.

Timang Beach is where fishermen search for lobsters with simple and traditional equipment. There is a traditional cable car to cross that is pulled manually by the worker.

Sadranan Beach is the latest snorkling place in jogja. The underwater scenery is amazing and very pretty. Sadranan beach is a new found hidden paradise.

Many beautiful beaches in gunung kidul there are Kukup beach, Indrayanti, Siung beach, Wediombo beach, Jogan beach, Sadeng beach, Ngobaran beach (with a Bali atmosphere ), Baron beach, and much more to visit.

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